Online Services

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Our Sunday service will be broadcast Sunday mornings at 10:30 on our YouTube page, or you can watch it on the messages page here on the website. Click the link below to join us on YouTube.

As to why we're doing an online you can find our reasoning below

We have been monitoring the Coronavirus and we have decided to suspend all CC services and activities indefinitely, until we notify you otherwise. 

Let me tell you why. It’s because we love you and we love our community and right now this is the best way to express that love. Health professionals and government officials have recommended that we limit social interactions in large group settings and that we all take a communal pause to slow the advance of the virus. So we want to help anyway we can to protect that.

We will still do service online and our podcast will still be available. If you’re in need, our pastoral staff is available, you can call or email and let us know of your need and if necessary, we will come pray with you. During this time, ministry will continue. We are working with Krum ISD to provide food for students who usually receive from our Feeding Krum Kids Program. It’s important that you continue your financial giving. We desire to continue meeting needs as they arise, and it takes financial resources to do that. Please visit and use the giving link. You can also bring a check by the church or bring food items for FKK if you prefer. 

These are the times when the opportunity is there for the church to be at its best. We’re not running in fear. We’re not hiding, but we are being wise with large group activities. The reality is the church is never more alive than when the doors are closed and the lights are off because that’s when the church really gets to be the church where we live, work, and play. Ultimately, our trust is in the Lord and we’re believing for your continued health and protection. So let’s remain in faith and compliant to authority and let’s all believe that this pandemic will pass quickly.